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Moving to another continent

Transport by ship or plane
A move between continents is characterized by the transport of your goods in steel containers or wooden crates. The goods are loaded by a mover in your country of origin and unloaded by a mover in your country of destination. The mover in your country of origin needs to have reliable partners in your country of destination.

To adequately perform these kinds of moves, your local mover needs to know everything about sea- or airworthy packing and moving of your household goods. Specialised movers have the right contacts with the container-carriers, customs and off course trustworthy local movers in your destination country. He has specially trained, multilingual employees who track the removal. On top of that, a specialised mover can make better prices through his agents because of his regular shipments.

Moving process
A move normally consists of packing, loading, transport then unloading, unpacking.

Your household goods need to be packed very carefully, because during loading on and transport by ships or planes the crates will be subject to much movement. Prior to the move small good are packed in boxes and clothing in special ‘wardrobe boxes’. Off course, valuable goods, such as antiquities and paintings, can be packed professionally. You can choose to pack everything yourself, thus saving quite considerably. Most often valuables or perishables are packed by the mover. The taking a part of large furniture can also be done by the mover.

The mover will load your household goods on the given date in his removal van. It is essential in loading your goods that they are stowed properly, so no damage is done to them.

The goods are taken to the storage facilities of the mover. In case of temporary storage the goods are placed inside the facilities. Most often the mover will combine your removal with others to keep your costs as low as possible. Sometimes up to six or seven removals with different destinations are combined into one trip. Experienced international movers make a detailed inventory and mark your goods with numbers. In this way your goods are clearly separated from other goods, so that no mix-up can occur.

The unloading of intercontinental moves will be seen to by a mover in your country of destination. This mover is selected and informed by the mover from your country of origin. This mover collects your crates or containers from harbour or sea and takes care of delivery. A check is made on basis of your inventory lists.

During unpacking, the goods and furniture are placed in the right rooms. The unpacking of boxes is usually done by the owner, who puts everything in its right place. The assemblage of furniture can be taken care of by the movers.



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