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Moving to Dubai?

If you are planning to move to Dubai, first let us congratulate you on this exciting journey. Moving is a wonderful experience so few get the chance to take. Keep this in mind to help boost your excitement because we know it can be a scary adventure. Overseas Moving has been putting people in contact with professional movers since 2004. We provide a FREE online quote form to help you plan financially, moving checklists so you don’t forget anything and much more! There also moving associations specific to Australia like AFRA that our movers are a part of.

Definitely Dubai!

Dubai has recently become a hot topic for travelers. After the discovery of oil in 1966 and it’s giant port which made it a great trading post between the east and west the city saw economic growth. The main focus of the emirate is in tourism, real estate and financial services. It is also worth noting that it is known for a hot arid climate. There summers in June to August can be extremely hot, windy and humid so be warned if moving during this season.

Similarities and Differences of Dubai

Dubai is a small emirate that is settled within the Persian Gulf. However, once you touch down and get settled you might feel a little homesick. These feeling are natural and to help ease that tension, look for the things in your City that are similar to home. Make favourite meals from home. It helps to plan a tourist trip around Dubai and experience it like it were a vacation to get better acquainted.

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Mr. Brown
Moved in June 2021, Tasmania to London

It was very helpful to get tips and free quotes from Moving Overseas! We have selected the right international mover for our move back to London.