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Move to Somewhere New

When planning an international move across oceans and land, many factors need to be sorted out before, during and after the move to a new place. At Overseas Moving, we have prepared crucial data.

Move to, But Don’t Forget

A recent study detailed the 5 most common things people forget when making a move to a new place.

Your new address, be sure to write it down and place it in your wallet for easy access.
Pet preparation, most companies do not move animals or plants, so be sure to plan ahead for your pet.
Deep clean, it is common curtsey to do a deep cleaning of your house before you leave so pack your cleaning supplies last.
Hand it Over, remember to hand over all essentials to the house, even garage door openers.
Get contact information, to avoid homesickness, remember to collect all contact information of family and friends before your move.

Paper Work When Moving

It is also extremely important for you to look into filing all necessary paper work before you move to somewhere new. Whether that pertains to your kid’s school transcripts, your medical records and most importantly your legal residence permit information if needed. Staying on top of your paper work and organized can be the key component in your international move.

The Experts

Overseas Moving only works with highly qualified removers to assure a smooth move to where you need. They must be members of associations such as; IAM, BAR, FIDI… They must be in business longer than 8 years. With these qualified removals we can help you find companies located near you to move you in the most professional and safest manner. Never underestimate the power of shopping in a new country. NexTag and other websites can help you buy, sell and trade your items.

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We use this service to find a shipping container for our move across the ocean. We got 3+ quotes within 48 hours from excellent companies who were ready to answer all of our questions and get us set up to move. Way better than searching individually ourselves. We’re really happy with this service!