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Plan on Shipping from the UK to Australia?

When shipping UK to Australia, it could be helpful for you to know ahead of time just what you will experience when shipping to jolly old London. Be sure to research the process so if problems occur you and your family can ride through them, no problem. Which is where we can help!

There are several helpful tools we have that can help ease your mind. First fill out our quote form , this will help you get a full grasp on the cost of your big move. Next there is several moving tips and Q&A’s we offer on our web portal to help you get in the know about your shipping options.

Immigration regulations can cause some problems for your shipping to the UK from Australia and it is in your best interest to know exactly what restrictions the British have when it comes to shipping and importing goods into their country. Check out the British embassy website for the nitty-gritty details but other Immigration regulations.

Wish to see more? Please fill in our quote form . Help and answers are only a click away!

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Mr. Brown
Moved in June 2020, Tasmania to London

It was very helpful to get tips and free quotes from Moving Overseas! We have selected the right international mover for our move back to London.