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Move to Canada – Moving Guide

Think of Overseas Moving as a great moving guide that’s here to help you plan financially, not forget anything and be informed when beginning a move to Canada. International moves like one to Canada can be tricky and there are lots of documents that need to be processed as soon as you’re done reading this. But before you rush off, take a look around our website to get a detailed idea about what an international removalist is going to mean for you and your family.

Oh Canada!

Canada is known for its wonderful scenery and friendly people. But those are just a few things that make Canada a wonderful place to live. Overseas Moving can offer you the best moving and shipping information for your international move. Our mission is to develop respect, premium service and value on qualified and professional movers.

Similarities and Differences of Canada

An obvious similarity between Australia and Canada is the amount of land to the population size. They are less than equal. Canada’s land mass is around 9,093,507 sq. km while it’s population is just under 36,216,000 people. And their capital cities are not there most populated cities. Taxes can be many when moving internationally so check with the Australian Government Taxation Office for all importing and exporting information.

The differences are also very easy to find by look at a map, the weather in Australia is quiet preferable when it comes to year round averages. Canada gets over .3 meters of snow to 1,524 cm depending on where in Canada you are. Also, prepare for holidays to feel opposite. Your Christmas and Hanukkah celebrations will be done in cold, snowy weather instead of your usual sunny heat of summer. There also moving associations specific to Australia like AIMA that our movers are a part of.

Overseas Moving has the best way to get started, fill out our free quote form. Your financial planning is only a click away!

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We use this service to find a shipping container for our move across the ocean. We got 3+ quotes within 48 hours from excellent companies who were ready to answer all of our questions and get us set up to move. Way better than searching individually ourselves. We’re really happy with this service!